Testbourne Ltd offer a wide selection of high purity materials

sensor crystals, thin film controllers, electron microsopy (SEM, TEM), and ultra high vacuum (UHV

SuperVac® Materials are representative of the finest coating materials available today which have been processed or especially developed to meet demanding requirements of scientific experimentation, product and process development or full scale production.

Testbourne has been established for over twenty five years, serving government research establishments, universities and high technology industries, with particular emphasis on the applications of high purity specialty inorganic materials.

The Testbourne SuperVac® name is synonymous with Service! Our company objective is to provide a fast and efficient service, with full technical support to all our customers.

Our production caters for small R&D requirements to large scale mass production quantities. By working closely with out customers from the initial R&D stage right through to on-line production, we can be sure to maintain a good quality product.

General market areas include PVD coating materials for aerospace, electronics, optical, medical and semiconductor industries.

Some important applications where the various SuperVac® Premium Materials have gained acceptance are:

  • Aerospace: Holographic Displays, canopy coatings and anti-corrosion coatings.
  • Engines: Particularly metals and specially synthesized alloys.
  • Batteries: New materials for advanced or special batteries.
  • Electro-optics and Optics: from Deep Ultra Violet - UV Visible - IR to Far Infra Red.
  • Excimer High Power Laser Optics coatings
  • Fibre Optics DWDM and others
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • Production Roll Coatings
  • Sensors
  • Thin Film Solar Cells
  • Single Crystal Growing
  •     * Thin Film Evaporation and Sputtering generally

The Testbourne  SuperVac® Materials page aims to provide a comprehensive listing of many high purity coating materials in available forms. Should you, however, not find your exact requirements, such as stoichiometry, particle size or purity, please call, fax or email your requirements and a member of our Technical Department will be pleased to discuss your needs further.

Testbourne is able to supply elements, alloys, intermetallics and compounds as Sputtering Targets. SuperVac® Sputtering Targets are available in various forms and compositions for a wide range of market areas. These include decorative/hard coatings, architectural & automotive glass coatings, optical & magnetic data storage coatings, web coatings & semiconductors.